Source Code Editor

An Editor that does the hard work for you
Solution developers spend a high percentage of their time authoring and editing source code.  Visual DataFlex’s superior Code Editor provides the essential features required as well as a host of advanced editing features referred to as "CodeSense" that automate routine tasks, reduce keystrokes, reduce errors and generally accelerate the development process.

  • Always concurrently shows live source that’s synchronised with the Visual Designer
    • No required markers
    • No system imposed markup or structure

  • Automatic source code structuring
    • Indentation
    • Command syntax casing
  • Set Debugger breakpoints directly in source
  • Unlimited levels of Undo/Redo

  • CodeSense Auto CompleteCodeSense (click on the thumbnail for a larger image)
    • Code Completion
    • List Members - a context sensitive list of applicable commands, classes, data types, methods, variables, constants, objects, etc.
    • Command Auto Completion
      • Begin / End, Object / End_object, Class / End_Class, etc.
    • Quick Info - hover over source and get information
    • Object Browser - provides a focused list of methods for the specified object
    • Parameter Info - see method parameter information as you type
    • GoTo Definition - Locates the definition of the symbol under the cursor
    • Load File Under Cursor - Jump to any file

  • Visible control and expression blocks

  • Flexible Finding options
    • File Search
    • File Incremental Search
    • Multi File Search

  • Font size zooming