VDF e-News February 2011

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February 2011

VDF SIG Tuesday May 24th
Our next full VDF SIG meeting will be at Asckey Data Services in May. Following on from the Data Access Synergy Conference in late March. We will be presenting one of two of the agenda items at this meeting - but of course we can never squeeze 3 days of presentations into one day!

We will definitely be including the "Roadmap" of future VDF  development, plus some others - see here for current intentions.

If you have any material that you would like to present, tell us as soon as possible so that we  can finalise a full agenda by March.  Email us - sales@asckey.com

New Release - VDF v16.1
VDF v16.1 is now available in pre-release.and if you are using Visual DataFlex 16.0 now, you will want to upgrade immediately to 16.1. The overhead is small and the improvements, significant. This is particularly true if you are working with the new grids. If you are planning on moving your application up to the Visual DataFlex 2010/16.0 platform, you will want to jump straight into 16.1.

Much of the work in this release has gone into implementing developers’ suggestions and fixing bugs. Particular attention has also been paid to improving the new grid classes first released in version 16.0. The grid improvements include visual optimizations, new interfaces, a new, non-data aware prompt list class and numerous bug fixes. In addition, a number of enhancements have been made to the Studio to provide for an even better, more productive user experience.

Over 90 bug fixes and suggestions have been implemented in 16.1. Almost all of these suggestions came from the developer community. For more details, click here


We are offering two Training courses in March - Using MS SQL Server with Visual DataFlex, and Using Visual Report Writer

VDF with SQL Databases - 1 day training day
Second Opportunity
We will be putting on a second chance to attend this Workshop, on Tuesday March 8th 2011 
Our November SQL day was well subscribed, attendance from N Ireland to Holland and as this is such an important and “current” topic, we are offering a second opportunity to attend.
A deliberately relaxed timetable gives opportunity for discussion, allowing everyone the opportunity to pick up on practice and experience from both Asckey Data Services and any attendees with some earlier experiences.
More details, including the day’s agenda, here 
Duration:- 1 Day
Date:-         Tuesday 8 March 2011
Venue:-      Asckey Data Services Ltd
Cost:-          £100 per attendee, £50 for "guest clients"
For an overview of this, see our review of the first course day  where some of the topics presented and discussed in November are documented
Please email us - sales@asckey.com if you would be interested.  
Visual Report Writer - 22 March 2011
Visual Report Writer is the new report development tool from Data Access Worldwide. Offering full visual report development with a simple to use "Drag and Drop" development interface, VRW Standard Edition offers a low cost stand alone report development environment capable of addressing any data format, while the Developer Edition provides automatic integration to Visual DataFlex applications and royalty free distribution. 
Expected capabilities after completion:
Development of well presented Reports using VRW. 
Duration:    1 day.
Date:-          Tuesday 22 March 2011
Venue:-       Asckey Data Services Ltd
Cost:-          Free - this is a "VDF SIG" day
More details, including the day’s agenda, here